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Whether you’ve recently experienced an attempted burglary that has damaged your property entrance or an accidentally broken door glazing needs some repair, SRS offers quick, efficient solutions. Our expert team provides door and frame repairs and reinforcements for timber, steel and uPVC doors.
We offer a wide range of customisable options with different combinations in colour and glazing options to find the best solution suited to your property style and budget.

Sliding Door Repair Services in London

Sliding Doors

Damage to glass in a sliding door may have been caused by incorrect roller replacements, but this cannot be visible because it may lay beneath a rubber gaskets or seal. In most cases, glass units cannot be repaired and therefore must be replaced with new glass panels. We are fully aware of the many complications of door repairs especially in case of older sliding doors. SRS team can help you find the best suited glass installation for your specific needs. Our expert technicians can install any glass required for your new or renovated premises.

Bi-folding Door Repair Services in London

Bi-folding Doors

Modern, energy-efficient and stylish, Bifold doors have become extremely popular over the last decade as an innovative and attractive alternative to French Doors and Patio Doors. But from time to time it is likely that they will need some care and attention. Bifold doors can be a little challenging to adjust as the door has to align in several directions. Important parts like roller and pivot pins can break, screws can strip. SRS Technicians have the experience and skills needed to install new parts or even replace the whole folding door installation.

Exterior Doors Repair Services in London

Exterior Doors

Most properties have a front door and other doors that lead to the outside. Security and energy efficiency are key issues with these type of doors.
The door and hardware protect the property from unwanted visitors and the effects of extreme weather. Therefore keeping the hardware, locks and adjustments working properly is an important safety feature. There is no need to install a new door when things go wrong with your exterior doors. SRS Technicians help you repair your existing damaged doors and get it working like new.

Door Services

Door Reglazing Services in London

Door Reglazing

Broken glass or old glazing, our Technicians have the skill and experience to advise you on various door glazing solutions.

Door Lock Repair Services in London

Lock Work

A damaged lock creates a potential for crime as it makes your property vulnerable against burglary. SRS helps to fix any broken lock to make your home or business secure again.

Door Handle Repair Services in London

Door Handle Repairs

Stuck or too loose door handles prevent doors functioning properly. Our experienced technicians offer quick and easy door handle repair services to any type of door handles.

Misted and Steamed Glass Repair Services in London

Steamed Glass Repairs

The misted or steamed glass of your double glazing windows can be easily repaired by our high-quality window unit replacement services.

Pet Doors Services in London

Pet Doors

SRS provides installation and repair solutions to fit a range of pet doors for glass doors and windows.

Door Fitting Services in London

Door Fitting

The correct installation of doors is essential to ensure their optimum performance. SRS Technicians guarantee that your new door will be hanged and fitted perfectly.

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