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Emergency Services

Having a broken or loose window and door due to vandalism or robbery is always an unpleasant experience. Broken glazing and frames mean a security risk for your home and your business. Therefore it’s very important to get any repairs done as quick as possible by expert technicians. Whether you need emergency glazing repairs, a window lock fixed, or smashed door repair – SRS is always here to help you.

Emergency Residential Glazing Repairs in London

Residential Glazing

If you’re looking for experienced professionals to provide you with amazing glazing solutions, you can count on the team of SRS. Cracked or smashed window glass needs to be replaced immediately to keep your property safe, but any residential glass replacement requires experienced glaziers. Our professional team is highly equipped for the job and ready to serve you whether you have aluminium, wood or timber framed windows.

Emergency Commercial Glazing Repairs in London

Commercial Glazing

Damaged shop front or broken office doors? SRS Team offers custom solutions to your problem, helping to select and replace glass for your shop front, business or commercial premises. We stock a vast range of glass products including energy efficient glass, security glass, toughened glass and decorated and textured glass. Our specialists solve your window replacement problems promptly and professionally.

Emergency Services

Shop Window Repairs in London

Shop Window Repairs

Our experienced team offers custom-made solutions to smashed or cracked shopfront windows. Shopfront attracts potential customers and keeps your shop safe and secure. We offer high-quality shopfront glass replacement services in order to maintain the installation being aesthetically appealing and durable.

Toughened Glass Repairs in London

Toughened Glass Repairs

Toughened glass can be used in areas that require safety glass. It must be cut to size or pressed to shape before toughening and cannot be re-worked once toughened, which means only experienced professionals can work with it. Our glaziers offers quick and expert solutions to keep your location safe and maintain the durability of this special type glass.

Single Glazing Repairs in London

Single Glazing Repairs

Single glazed windows are very poor at conserving energy and they offer less security and durability compared to double-glazed windows. If you want to upgrade your existing single glazed windows to double glazing without replacing them, secondary glazing is our solution. From single glazed window repair to full window replacement, all our work is guaranteed and carried out by qualified experts.

Double Glazing Repairs in London

Double Glazing Repairs

Double Glazing is common in places where energy efficiency is an important consideration in construction of a home or property. Insulation from cold or heat is provided by the gap between the two panes of glass. We replace your old windows by fitting double glazed windows into your existing frames to keep integrity, style and design. Installation is quick and easy and very economical compared to full window frame replacements.

Glass Door Repairs in London

Glass Door Repairs

Installing or replacing a glass door is a delicate project that needs the skills and knowledge of a qualified glazer. With a SRS professional by your side, you can be sure that you have a qualified technician to replace your glass door. Based on the area of application, our expert will be able to advise you on whether to use laminated, plate or tempered glass; and importantly, of what thickness, and size.

Office Window Repairs in London

Office Window Repairs

Our experts are fully trained and authorised to handle all commercial service requests of your business. To keep the design and functionality of your office coherent, we offer various custom made solutions for working places, boardrooms and other common areas even if it’s insulated glass, door and surface repair or threshold replacement.

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