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Window Repairs

SRS can restore your window back to its former glory at a fraction of the cost of a new window. Our team is experienced with all aspects of window repairs and maintenances, providing quality workmanship. With technicians all over London, we can repair or replace all components on all brands and ages of timber, uPVC and aluminium windows. SRS can supply a comprehensive range of styles to suit just about every application.

Timber Windows

Timber Windows Repair in London

Timber as the oldest window material, gives your home or office a natural, comfortable feel. Timber windows are slightly more expensive than PVC windows and might require more care depending on the material and finish. Timber windows supplied by SRS Team are of highest quality and the latest in design and technology. The stability of these windows will allow you to manufacture in large dimensions compared to uPVC or aluminium windows. Due to the material properties of timber, windows can be built in various shapes and configurations. The frame thickness of timber is a key factor provides structural strength, stability and durability.

UPVC Windows

UVPC Windows Repair in London

UPVC windows are designed for durability, low maintenance, affordability, customer value and energy efficiency. UPVC strength and quality has developed a lot in the recent years, with new sets being much more secure than ever. The built-in air chambers in the frame minimise heat transfer offering an outstanding energy efficient solution. UPVC windows with double or triple glazing provide excellent sound-proofing and protection against heat and cold.They are also more attractive than before, with wide range of colour and finish choices.

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Window Repair in London

Aluminium windows are often used for high-end commercial properties due to the strength and durability of the material. Double or triple glazed aluminium windows are perfect choice  for large glazing units or fronts, they are easy to clean and maintain. Upon its strength, aluminium windows can provide good acoustic and thermal properties but not quite comparable to uPVC and timber window framing. Increasing the thickness of framing and glazing panel improves the efficiency of the window. However, the increasing prices of the raw material makes aluminium windows a more expensive option than uPVC or timber windows.

Window Services

Single Glazing Repair in London

Single Glazing Repair

From simple single glazing repair to secondary glazing or complete window replacement, SRS offers quick and cost-effective solutions.

Double Glazing Repair in London

Double Glazing Repair

SRS offers a wide range of double glazing repair services to fix misted or broken glass, broken hinges and window locks.

Broken Glass Repair in London

Broken Glass Repair

Broken, smashed or cracked windows? We offer a fast and professional service to replace your damaged windows and to restore your safety.

Sash Window Repair in London

Sash Window Repair

Full restoration or frame replacement, we are dedicated to use modern techniques to reproduce the original features of your sash windows.

Draught Proofing in London

Draught Proofing

If your old windows become loose or shaky over time, SRS helps to make them draught proof and energy efficient.

Misted Glass Repair in London

Misted Glass Repair

The misted or foggy glass of your double glazing windows can be easily repaired by our high-quality window unit replacement services.

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