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Need Your Window Repaired in Brixton?

If you are searching for a double glazed windows in Brixton or you are about to deal with double glazed doors in Brixton for your new home?
We are one of the leading Repairers of finest European quality and UK Standards Adapted High Performance (energy efficient) window and door systems. Every single product we offer is crafted with rigorous adherence to UK Standards & Building Requirements, so you are promised to get more than your investment every time.
For the list of products and services we offer, check below how you can enhance the architectural charisma of your building with the help of our irresistible uPVC double glazed doors and windows.

Double Glazing Insulation

There’s no better time than now to invest in energy efficient windows!
Double glazing windows and doors you can have a comfortable and temperatures maintained indoor space year-round, as these double glazed doors and windows are thermally maintained and create an effective insulating layer.

These products are affordable and made up of thermally broken aluminum that has been professionally double glazed and insulated in order to give you energy expenditure a generous break, and your home design a gracious uplift.

Double Glazing Repairs Brixton, London

Windows Replacement Brixton

Upgrading your home’s windows has several advantages, if you are willing to have an all in one solution is a cost effective price, then our thermally insulated double glazed windows and doors will be the best option as they not only help to control the temperature inside your location but also enhance the outlook.

These windows and doors can easily be replaced by the existing one. When it is a deal of doors and Windows replacement in Brixton, Windows will be the best option as we take pride in offering the best deals in bringing energy efficiency to durability to beautiful design.
Our team of experts are fully trained to repair, replace, renovate and protect any window in your location.

In order to repair or create a door and a window of your dream, simply give us a call.
We take pride in offering competitive window installation and replacement services to make sure that your double glazed windows and doors settle nicely in its place.

Invest now in a high-performance double glazed window, door, or both to save significantly on gas and electricity for years to come.

Are you having problems with your window winders? Are you looking to replace them but you don’t know where to start?
Give SRS Windows & Doors a call on 07931 473194 or book a call back today!
With constant use and movement, window winders malfunctioning can be quite a common problem.
Fortunately there’s a way to fix your window chainwinders. This is where SRS Windows & Doors can help find a solution to your problem.

With SRS Windows & Doors technicians operating all across Brixton, we will come to you and can help with all your window issues such as winder replacements. You can trust SRS Windows & Doors technicians to have the know-how and expertise to make sure your winders are replaced properly.
For many opening windows with flyscreens, having winders which can corrode or stiffen with age can be a common problem. SRS Windows & Doors technicians are equipped with new, corrosion free replacement winders to help you with this problem.
SRS Windows & Doors technicians have the experience and knowledge for all your window repair needs. We guarantee that all work carried out by SRS Windows & Doors will be carried at the highest level of workmanship. We have technicians servicing customers all over the Brixton area so if you’re having issues with your window winder, give us a call today!
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Double Glazed Sealed Unit Repairs Brixton - Misted Double Glazing
Broken Window Repairs Brixton, London

Broken window glass can present a danger, a security risk or just be unsightly in your home or business. The best solution is to have your glass replaced as soon as possible to eliminate any of these problems. As glass experts SRS Windows & Doors offers a fast and reliable mobile glass repair service throughout the Brixton area. There are many different types of windows ranging from small colonial style domestic windows through to large glass panels in commercial buildings. Our factories stock most types of glass, which enables us to provide a same day or next day service in most of these situations.

Glass is a dangerous product and must treated with respect and therefore we advise that you do not try to remove any glass prior to our glazier visiting your site. Some types of glass such as laminated or toughened safety glass are safer to handle, however annealed or float glass can be very dangerous. The breaking characteristic of non safety glass products tends to present knife like shards that are razor sharp, which can easily cut through skin, muscle tissue and tendons. A trained professional should carry out this type repair to prevent these types of injuries.